Sunday, March 28, 2004

Are we having fun yet???

No!!! Well why not?

We're having fun! Today Mum and I went for a drive with the kids up into Adelaide hills to Uraidla and Lobethal Markets followed by a quick stop over at the local apple farm for some fresh apples. Yum!

The saga of the computer continues, I was able to fix the old one for a while until finances allowed me to buy me a new one only the old one fell through long before the new one was even a possibility. So we are waiting for the generosity of a friend to come through to allow me to borrow his until such a time was my being flush enough to actually do something about it. Ho hum

Eilish has just had her first Sports Day at school and it was a unparalleled success! Well that may be just my opinion but then I was only there for 10 minutes. Unfortunately work and sports day just didn't meet in the middle, more towards the edge actually. Anyway she got 2 ribbons, one she proudly told me was for coming last although it actually says fourth.

Breandan is his usual cheerful self despite being sick, loudly demanding and various other 3 yr old stuff.

My brother Joseph has an interesting treatise about the turkey elections on his blog Australian Abroad. Is very interesting and not all that different to ours by the sounds. Well aside from masses of parties and the propaganda.

Nanna and Grandpop have been staying at Mum's place and driving everyone barmy. Nah not as bad as that but similar. Nanna is in hospital with a knee replacement and Grandpop's driving Mum nuts with his "Habits" :-P

The rain is really coming down here, the day started with a strong wind and high temperatures and a dust cloud hanging over the city which was really obvious the higher we got into the hills. and just after lunch the change started and now its pouring down. Looks like we'll be begging a lift home tonight.

Catch ya again!