Saturday, December 06, 2003

New friends and what not...

Wow nearly a month since I last posted anything!

Well all I can say is this time of year is horrible for finding time for yourself.

We have had a new addition to our family, His name is George and he's a 3-4 year old fresh water turtle. The kids are thrilled by it all but don't know really what to make of it. George was found in the middle of the road one night, very malnourished and cared and has settled nicely into the family.

The end of year parties are happening, Eilish performed in the schools Carols by Candlelight thingy. She was a shepherd. And looked gorgeous. She's getting all excited by the idea of a picnic tomorrow for the student association Christmas break up. I figure I had better pack the kite :-)

Well had better ready the band wagon I suppose, Catch ya round!