Sunday, May 30, 2004

Home at last!!!

Breandan and I have just spent 2 interesting days in hospital with the lad with the most amazing ability to pick up things that every one else simply wouldn't get. Breandan was bitten, by what we think was a spider, on his finger and within a couple of hours he had developed a blister down the entire length of his finger. By the next evening it had gotten worse so we quickly went to the Women's and Children's Hospital, to the emergency room. 5 hours later Breandan was admitted with preparations underway for him to undergo surgery on his finger.

Best scenario had it only being a clean up and that's all. Worst had a full skin graft on his finger. The doctor was hesitant to suggest which he thought likely. But seemed to be indicating the worst. That could also be the paranoid mother reading things into to it. As it was when he asked if I had any questions all I asked was, with chin a-tremble, if I could call my Mum.

Fortunately the following morning showed that the blister had popped and the infection wasn't bad enough to require surgery but they still wanted to keep him for a couple of days.

I wasn't too adverse to this as the "danger" had past and the doctor was rather cute.

This next day followed as much the same as any day spent by any parent stuck in a hospital with a clingy child. I was so grateful to see Mum and Dad arrive so that I could go home and shower and all that.

The next morning the rather cute doctor came again and announced that we could go home that very day. HURRAY!!!

Now Breandan has a bandage around his finger and is pretty much back to normal with his sister shoving too much medicine down his throat in an effort to "Help Mum."

After last week, this one is going to be quite ordinary in comparison!

Til next time!