Friday, September 30, 2005

The Life and Times of a Forgotten Mat

You have got to see this blog........I have never seen such an aimless piece of writing (we're not counting my own here). Well aimless is probably not a good word to use, but I love the Alien growth and the writers imagination is great!!!

If you want a giggle about a couple of wondering door mats then this is the blog for you!!!

Awesome act of honesty

"Some people believe other people's money will never bring them good luck. Jitendra Chirag is one of them, so when he found $10,000 neatly stashed in an unsealed envelope on his walk to the train station on Wednesday, he immediately knew he would hand it in to police."

I couldn't believe it when I read this article, I suppose it raises all these questions about what would you do If you found that much money just laying around.

I'm not sure exactly what I would do but I hope that I'm never put in the position of having to find out!!!

For the full article go here

The Fool from Kaleidostar

My kids and I are going mad over this great show we have discovered!


I even love it which is saying something as it is made by the same people that made Sailor Moon, and I am not the biggest fan of that one.

A quick run down of what it is about... Sora is a 16 year old (I think) Japanese girl who flies to America to take part in an audition for Kaleidostage, a Circ De Soleil style circus.

She misses the audition and the story just runs from there. There are lots of other loveable characters in the show. Most adorable being Ken who is in love with Sora.

But I would have to say that my most favourite character has to be The Fool, the Spirit of the Stage. He is so stylish, full of himself and just great! I can see dolls of him because he is so gorgeous. Well, at least I would buy one if there were any here in Australia.

The new website for work

I have been working very hard lately. One of the projects I have been working on is the new website for the library in which I work. the current site can be found here. But I am working on a newer version which can be found here.

I hope that it's gets approved by the collective, so that we can put it up on the real site.

One of the things that I'm really pleased with is the fact that we now have our own blog. It can be found at the library site but here's the direct link!!!

I used one of the premade templates available on Blogger and everyone so far that has seen it has been rapted in it!

Of if only the good things happened all the time!!!