Friday, April 16, 2004

Work and renos

What a frantic couple of days these last few days have been!!!

Two days ago I got word from my work that a painter is coming in and will be painting the entire library! Can you imagine it? All of the books and shelves need to be taken down and the books have to be taken off the shelves, plus all the posters and other stuff and the twenty year old blutac has to be removed and that stuff don't come off with a jack hammer!!!

I have rung everyone I can think of and tried to get everyone possible to come and help but there is only 4 of us that can come. Heaven forbid that we should need any REAL work done!

Anyway to cheer me up I have decided that I need to take a cake and not just any old cake but Luscious, rich, chocolate laden, delicious, Chocolate mud cake!!! Of course that means that I have to do some baking....shame that!....and that's all a girl needs is an excuse to make the most calorie laden cake she can think of.

I found some good sites though, All Recipes had a great range of good looking cakes, iChef had a great Amaretto Cheesecake recipe, Nestle Baking had lots of choc cake recipes, but lets face it they are one of the biggest chocolate suppliers! And this one looks great too!

Well that's all for me tonight, I have an appointment with the kitchen!

ta, ta!

Saturday, April 10, 2004

Back online

Well I managed to salvage enough of my computer to get back online, but its no good for doing any heavy work unfortunately.

So, what's been happening????

Well my dear brother Joe was on the radio the other morning. It was very interesting to have a member of your family talking over the alarm clock especially as we don't tend to speak on the phone as such. If you want to hear the interview or read the transcript the details are in his blog. The kids just happened to be in bed with me when the alarm went off, and couldn't understand why it was so important to be quiet and listen to the radio. In fact all through out the interview the two little buggas were jumping around and arguing and it wasn't until the end where Joe said hello to everyone, and especially to the two brats, that they sat up and paid attention. And that was only because he said their names, and of course by then it was too late, it was all over!!!

Things are picking up at work, we are having the library painted for the first time in years. I found out that we moved to this current location in 79 so it's been a while! It's going to be fun as we can really only do it in the holidays, which is the next two weeks. One good thing about it though, is that now we HAVE to do a stocktake. The books are coming off the shelves anyway so its stupid to not take advantage of the situation.

Actually, if anyone reading this knows of any good places to get information on html tutorials, I am looking to make a new page for the library this is our current one, which is only temp, but I don't know how to put together frames for web sites and I need to learn very quickly! If you can recommend a site or two it would be very, very helpful!

Hopefully my comments thingy is working so you can leave it there if you like.

Finally I have been making up for nearly a month without a comp by doing a bit of surfing and I have found some interesting places to visit. 600 seconds is a blog with a difference. Every day (I think) a topic is put up and people have exactly 10 mins to write something using what was left there. Some of the ones I have read so far are quite well written or just damn funny. Have a look and figure it our for yourself!

Another is Book Kitten, a librarians blog. She recommends various books, talks about some weird shit and actually has some interesting moments. I think its the buying 6 or more copies of the same book (not at the same time) because she just had to read it there and then. Besides they were cheap! Yeh I can see me doing that. There is also a rant further down about a child's picture book and she has put up a scan of the particular page she referring to on another site. I had to laugh! I WANT THAT BOOK!!! bugga giving it to the kids. Who ever said that picture books were always for kids!

Next is the kooky Spam Poetry blog. Now this is a fascinating idea and one that I'm sure would be hard to make work. But she done it! I must admit this one's not new to me but still fun anyway.

Now a list of blogs wouldn't be complete without The Lost Blogs Home, this guy finds interesting and not so interesting blogs and records them. Some of these have to be seen to be believed. Have fun looking though.

Anyway, its way past this girls bedtime so I'll say goodnight and will catch you lot later.