Friday, September 28, 2007

The Buff Barbarian Song, a Gilbert and Sullivan Parody

The latest fun thing I've found, a Xena song 'The Buff Barbarian Song, a Gilbert and Sullivan Parody' combines two of my favourite things. Women scantily clad in leather armor and Gilbert and Sullivan's Pirates of Penzance. Yes that's about as camp as you can get... Well what can a girl say???

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

The Ultimate Meme Database

Yet another fasicinating site ---> The Ultimate Meme Database

Yes it's official, I have too much time on my hands!!!

LOLCATS.COM - Funny Lolcat Pictures

Phase one of I'm losing my mind.... LOLCATS.COM - Funny Lolcat Pictures I have been going through all my old posts and drafts and finding all these half arsed posts that I never finished posting.

Can't even remember now what this was about, aside from some really funny photoshoped photos of cats.


Here's some more ---> Lol cats on Wikipedia

The brighter side of book banning

Banned Books Week

I must admit this is one of the few American celebrations that I wish we had here is Australia.

This article is a wonderful reflection on the ideology and things that get books banned, not only over time but now too. I especially like the references to Harry Potter as I'm very much in HP mode lately.

Almost throwbacks in such a society are people who want to impose their standards. But now, instead of banning adult books, they say they do it for the kiddies. The ALA's annual listing of most challenged books comes from public and school libraries. So, the list is heavily tilted toward, well, Harry Potter. And why are we not surprised?

In one adventure or another, Harry became the most challenged character of the 21st century after his creator, J.K. Rowling, discovered what it takes to make kids want to read. The Potter phenomenon preceded the merchandising hype by at least two volumes.

The first complaints were about sorcery, but later gripes expanded to include inappropriate behavior among sorcerers. The kid disobeys elders, gets into trouble, mixes with good and bad witches and con men and kills someone. Oh, wait. That's the beloved The Wizard of Oz.

The brighter side of book banning