Saturday, September 18, 2004

Slacking off!!!!

Well I figured that it was time I pulled my finger our and did something here.

What's happening in our lives at the moment????

Well to start with, I have been given a promotion at work and this is proving to be harder than originally expected. But fun too. We have a new worker called Cat, she is a loverly person to work with and we're all having fun.

Eilish is happy at school and will quite happily spend all her time there. and breandan has made a good friend at Child care called Finn (Finny). The two of them are inseparable and are always hiding under tables and in boxes.

As for me, well the love life is still slow (non-existant LOL)but I finally got my new computer!!!!

Well we had better get ready to go, we have a sleep over to get to.

Catch ya round as a rissole