Sunday, February 15, 2004

The day after THAT day

Well what a disappointing Valentines Day!!! Not one single card, rose, kiss.... yeh whatever! Let me guess... you have to give them to get them? well I knew there was something wrong with the plan.

First day back at TAFE was this week and guess what happened the day before. Monday morning in the middle of checking my mail my computer died. Yes, it went to the great black hole in the sky where all good computers go. Hopefully we will be up and running again soon and it is all thanks to the help of some good friends who have helped me in various ways. Thanks to Paul, Liz, and a couple others. I look forward to having my baby back!

I went to class on Tuesday, fully expecting to be bored out of my brains...and I was. but it wasn't as bad as it could have been. As I was able to RCC the whole semester. WOOHOO!!!! I dont have to sit through all that crap and waffle from the lecturer! Downside of it is that I lose my education payments cos 2-4 classes a sem. is not enough to quailify for payments.

Lunch is about to start so I shall leave you now until next time!!!


Friday, February 06, 2004

Time flies and all that...

Good Lord!!! Its nearly a month since last I last posted and looking at the time I'm not going to get much of one this time either.

School has started and Eilish is enjoying her new teacher and classmates. Breandan is alternatively devastated and elated at being back in child care. As for me, I'm back at work and enjoying it. TAFE doesn't start for me for another week. But I'm not looking forward to it as I'm back with the lecturer that I had last year and I hate her teaching methods. She is a nice person but I cant stand her classes.