Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Election results - an American view

A fascinating take on the Australian Election to be found on Asia Media. I personally haven't been following it very much and shocked everyone at work when I asked who won 2 days after the fact. Yes it's offical, I would reather read a book or watch an anime than watch TV or the Newspaper. As for the radio, what radio???

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

TV Shows: Princely Affairs

Princely Affairs

By Julie Hong

All the rage in Korea this summer, The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince brings homosexuality into the spotlight in a tale of gender-bending mixups, but ultimately loses its intrigue when it reverts back to a traditional story of cutesy straight coupling.

In a country where feminine guys and boyish girls can easily pass off as the opposite sex, it only makes sense to make a romantic comedy series about the mixed-up relationships that emerge from a society that welcomes (and appreciates) androgyny. Until the Korean series Coffee Prince recently came to a disappointing close, faithful viewers have been glued to the television screen every Monday and Tuesday nights. Being a Coffee addict myself, I would obediently come home early just to get my cup's worth.

Asia Pacific Arts: Princely Affairs