Wednesday, October 27, 2004

The God - Pratchett

I have just discovered this great web site on Terry Pratchett it's bloody brilliant!!! Especially if when reading his stuff you find a quote or something that sounds vaguely familiar and it has all of these annotations for the various different references in his many works.

Check it out!!!

Book addict goes into overdrive!!!!

I don't know if you've heard of but I've been having a ball with it for a while now. The concept of registering and releasing books for people to read is one that is strangely addictive, especially for someone who is an avid book collector like myself. I have one hell of a time trying to cull my books when there is too many on my bookshelves, so giving them away, and not even knowing that the person who gets them will like/love them, is a real heartbreaker, but at the same time a huge thrill. I have released a few books now but have yet to get anyone to journal them.

I have been slowly registering all my books and this will take some time as I have shelves upon shelves of them!!! LOL

However patience will prevail! I have already had a couple of people ask for some of the ones I have registered but I am a little troubled by the fact that they expected me to send them the books without receiving anything in return, and we're talking international postage here!!!!

Oh well, It could be worse...they could be asking for one of my kids!!!!! LOL

A couple of bookcrossing elves

Couple of bookcrossing elves doing their thing at a release site.

Anyway, time for bed and all that stuff!!!!

Catch ya again later!


Lucky twice in a row

Having had one of my dearest friends miss out on that loverly evening at the movies, I decided to have another go at winning some tickets for the second screening of the Daft Punk movie. Well would you know my luck!!! I won a second lot of tickets for my friend. So she went with a friend of hers and had a ball, I believe.

What more can you ask for??? Three people getting into the same movie for nothing!!!!

Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Well, what a wonderful week!!!

I was very lucky last Wednesday and won 2 tickets to the opening of the Mercury Anime Festival!! YAY!!!!! My cousin Sam and I went to see Interstella 5555 the film by Daft Punk and I would have to say that it ranks as one of the best films that I have seen!!!

Some sites of interest:

Well I think that's enough, or you'll be gagging on it!!! LOL

More later