Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Book Review - A Man Named Dave

A Man Named Dave
Dave Pelzer
Orion - isbn 0752844083

First of all, let me state categorically that this is NOT the usual type of book that I read. I don't like reading anything too unpleasant, for me reading is a healing exercisae, not an activity that I use to plumb someones darkest hour. I have my own dark hours to deal with, without adding someone else to the equation. That being said, I truely enjoyed this book!

The third in the triology that looks at Dave Pelzers abused childhood and subsequent evolution into an independant, free thinking, responsible adult is truely amazing, and inspiring. Dave touches on the traumatic with such a light and delicate touch that the reader is left with an understanding without being emotionally wrung out. His struggle to do the right thing, to understand why these things happened, his touching reunion with his father, and his eventual forgiveness for his mother are astounding. But for me, I think the best part was when he truely began to care for himself.I haven't read the previous two books, but feel that I haven't lost anything from that. The story reads as a stand alone quite well!

I could write about his courage in "bearing all", his joy in his son, the softly dramatic portrayl of his childhood, and the sweetly poignant moments with his love. But I don't think that I could do justice to it!

In the end all I can say is this: READ THIS BOOK! It will mesmerise you from beginning to end, but not just out of saddness but from joy as well!!!


Monday, May 07, 2007

Ok bad/naughty day at work!!!

No I do have something better to be doing!!!

More Library clothes etc

Pimp my Firefox! Curtesey of Jessamyn West @ Librarian.net


The Librarian in Black - A little something about Google

Scary little article on the latest developments from Google


I think the scariest thing about this one is the comment about giving our work to Google and not reading the terms and conditions!

Cool Librarian Gear!!!

Just cruising the sites of the world when I should be working, and found this one


One of the best library sites I have come across in a while!!! I want so many of the t-shirts, it’s a shame I can’t wear them at work!!!