Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Post party recovery????

Well, we are finally recovering from the New Year Christmas thing and I admit the thought of not doing anything for the next 3 weeks is a most delicious thing!

We spent Christmas at my Grandparents house in Ceduna. It would have to be one of the best Christmases we've had in a long time. Unfortunately the whole family couldn't be there but we still had a good time stuffing ourselves full of good food, good wine, and the better part of a bottle of Gin. Marga was a laugh on the night of Christmas Eve with a couple glasses of wine and then a couple of gin under her belt. She was waving to all the cars that went past and wishing them all a happy new year!

Christmas Day had the unwrapping of presents with people looking like the cat had dragged them out of bed. Paper all over the lounge room and lots of squeals from the kids as they got more and more excited with each new present. Lunch was a heady mix of roast pork, chicken and lots of over yummy foods. Accompanied, of course, by a luscious bottle of wine (Brown Brothers). Every body feasted so much that come Tea time the was really no desire to eat.

Boxing day was wonderfully slow. The flesh eaters very quickly got underway with creating the perfect Oysters Kilpatrick. With a few raw ones sneakily eaten by those opening them. Those who like their seafood a little less slimy devoured a whole container of prawns. It was a quiet day after the indulgence of the day before.

We also spent some time out on my uncles farm. After a traditional slap up of snags and chops on the barbie, the Kids (read Myself, my sister Anna, brother Liam, cousins Adam and Paul, and my kids Eilish and Breandan) all went to Port Sinclare to go swimming. It was a ball!!! Breandan couldn't swim so he had to cling to my back as I swam out to the landing off the jetty and up the ladder. We then watched Adam. Paul, and Anna jumping off the landing and splashing everywhere. Liam spotted a seal that swam under the jetty and along the bay. A perfect day at the beach followed by the obligatory icecream at the roadhouse in Penong.

When we arrived back at the farm only Richard and Sue were left of the adults and they proceeded to show us around the farm feeding the cows, showing the kids sheep in the landrover and then driving all over the farm like a couple of maniacs. Damn! It was good! Richard then showed the kids the tractors and took them for a ride in one with the two kids taking turns steering. I think that this is one visit that they will not forget in a hurry!!!

I took lots of pictures and hope to have them up on the site soon.